Monday, June 27, 2011

Breathe In, Breathe Out

With so much sadness, illness, and the like, I've been meditating, praying, breathing in and out, for friends and loved ones, even though I know that the circle of suffering and sunshine will always spin . . . .
  • my aunt, in the hospital, and her immediate and extended family;
  • my friend, whose father is suffering, and by extension the whole family (and she's been sick too);
  • my friend, Miss M, who was just diagnosed with cancer, again;
  • my friend, another Miss M, whose son is still in the hospital after a fall three weeks ago;
  • my MIL, whose knee is bothering her greatly;
  • my neighbor, who is going through a bitter divorce that just keeps getting uglier;
  • the woman who cleans my house, who was robbed of all her electronics and jewellery.

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