Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vegan Pledge: Week One

So today is the seventh day of our vegan cleanse--no meat, dairy, egg or refined sugar, caffeine, processed foods. Just fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts/seeds, tea, and a little dark chocolate!

Lambeth was right, it took awhile for the weight to come off, but I've lost 2.6 lbs this week. Of course, that wasn't the main goal, but I'm not sure how to evaluate if I've given my body a break. I'm sleeping more during the day, mainly because the last few nights have, well, sucked. Get this: my right foot is very painful, probably to do with my pronating flat feet and all my increased walking. Foot cramps wake me up all night and I can barely step in the morning, despite ice and stretches. I am so annoyed. We'll call about a podiatrist/orthopedist tomorrow, probably go to the clinic today just to see if there is something else to do. And talk to my physiatrist too. Blah. So I can't speak to more energy or feeling better because of the cleanse yet.

I can say that I am slowly not missing bread and dairy--the fantasies of cheesecake and pizza and blueberry pie and pavlova and even foods I don't usually crave like pita bread are subsiding. Surprisingly, I haven't at all missed my morning homemade iced coffee with sugar and half & half, the most ritualized of my food habits. I don't think I'll be adding that back in. I do miss crackers and cheese with soup, though, and will go back to them.

So we're on for another week. In fact, Mama and the kids are at the natural food store now getting groceries. I'm hoping for more berries and perhaps tofu for a stir-fry.


Update: Okay, good and bad. The foot thing is plantar fasciitis, which is basically a pull of the muscle on the bottom of my foot. Ouch. Rest, meds, stretches. But, my blood pressure has gone down amazingly, from 120/70 ish to 104/62. I think that's the vegan thing. Yippee!

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  1. J, I have found a teaspoon of regular mustard makes leg cramps disappear almost instantly. If the first teaspoon doesn't work quickly, I take another teaspoon. It's worth a try. And I assume (even though it makes an ass out of u and me) that it won't violate your cleanse rules. I had to give up dairy products, breads, crackers, salt, sugar, butter & oils for my diet. It's been 5 months now and I am less strict...but still vigilant...trying to get to my next goal which is about 9 pounds away. Sounds like things are going well for you. Wonderful!