Thursday, September 24, 2015


Yesterday--a holiday from school for our kids for Yom Kippur--was a day of which I can be proud.

First, I have "leveled up" in physical therapy, meaning she switched out all my old exercises for new, harder ones.  Yay?  So, while the old ones had become much easier, the new ones kicked my butt and I admit to being a bit disappointed at how hard the new ones are.  But it's progress and, hopefully soon, these new ones will be easy.

Secondly, the Girl Scout troop went on a 6 mile bike ride yesterday!  Now, before you are paralyzed with shock that I rode a bike for 6 miles, know that I didn't.  Both kids did, along with their troop and some moms, but I was the anchor crew, staying with my van at the starting point, then meeting them at the lunch spot (with some of their stuff in tow), and then meeting them at the finishing point.  While it doesn't seem like much, I was proud of my ability to do all the driving and waiting without being uncomfortable--we were out for almost 3 hours.

But the biggest achievement came late in the day.  I had my first Lay Ministry meeting at church, some thirty minutes away.  And I drove myself!  At the end of the long day!  This is quite an accomplishment:  the farthest I've driven since my surgery (and the farthest I had managed to drive in the years before that)!    And this after an already physically taxing day.  I was also sitting in a meeting with a new minister and people I did not know, which could have created a little bit of stress but didn't.  We had all gathered to brainstorm on updating our strategies for supporting the minister in offering pastoral care to our church members, including hospital and home visits, possible meals and rides, even the prayer shawl ministry.  I also spoke briefly to the minister afterwards and she said we should talk about my ideas for seminary and chaplaincy; she had yet another path I could consider taking.  So exciting.  I didn't even get home to almost 9:30 pm, after tuck in!

By then, I was too energized to sleep, talked Mama's ear off til late, and then fell sound asleep in my book, even though I thought I was awake enough to read for hours.

A great day.

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