Thursday, September 17, 2015


What is it about weeks that begin with a holiday dragging on so long?

I've thought it was later than it was for days.

But now it's Thursday night which is as good as Friday for me, especially because I don't have any errands or appointments tomorrow beyond socializing with friends and visiting my hospice patient. And the temperatures will be a little lower tomorrow--today got up to 85F which is 10+ degrees  above normal--and it will be even cooler after Saturday.

This weekend is fairly relaxed for us.  Regular Saturday morning lessons and then church on Sunday (I'm not teaching til next week), which means time for crocheting, movies (we're on a Muppet kick--sang through the original Muppet Movie and laughed through Muppets Most Wanted.   We thought of you, Aunt Banana, and I recalled your love of many things Muppet, like your Miss Piggy puppet and how you'd watch the Animal scene over and over), archery (Mama bought a lower draw-weight bow so I can pull it back; my previous 28 lb-draw was too heavy for me now), maybe cooking lessons for the kids (Bud has asked for clam chowder), perhaps some family games (current favorites:  Munchkin Panic, Castellan, Forbidden Island, and Risk) . . . .  

AND  the season premiere of "Doctor Who!!!!!"   We'll watch it Saturday night, after enjoying a large repast of British-inspired food.  Steak and ale pie, Welsh rarebit, finger sandwiches, Jammie Dodgers, shortbread, and scones with jam.  And tea, of course; maybe Shandy.  But no fish fingers and custard!  (Favorite of the 11th doctor.)  We've been waiting since Christmas.

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