Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hot Topic

It was not a great school day.  For various and sundry reasons that I won't delve into here, there was confusion about school dismissal today and policies regarding excessive heat warnings.  See, today was the hottest Sept. 8th since 1919 in the area; Central Park hit 97F and we were above 92F something (heat index over 100F.)  Now, they might not seem like much to my Texas readers, but recall:  neither our schools nor our buses are air-conditioned.  Inside today, temperatures reached over 100 degrees, with just small windows open and inadequate metal fans.  These are schools built for winter--my kids can wear short sleeves all winter long without being cold.

So, after much brouhaha, they were dismissed early and home by 1 p.m.  They had ice cream, air-conditioning, and mostly just sat around wilted, reading.  But at least they weren't nauseous like they were last week in slightly cooler temps.

The Superintendent thinks there will be school tomorrow, though I think that is foolhardy--the schools will stew overnight and the humidity will be even higher tomorrow.  If it is, I will go fetch them around lunchtime.  Because, regardless, no one will be learning if it's that hot.

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