Friday, September 4, 2015

School Report

The first two days of school have gone as well as the first two days of school could go, which for us means pretty well.  It's crazy-hot in the schools, which are un-air-conditioned, but the temps will break some this weekend.  The kids have connected with their friends (both classmates and bus mates) and teachers and have nothing to complain about.  Well, except that time has been taken off recess and put to math instruction time.  Only 15 or 20 minutes of moving in an 8-hour day.  On the up side, they have PE twice this year!  Which means on those days they'll get to move twice.

Otherwise, they have Spanish, art, music, and library, plus reading, writing, science, math, and social studies.  I think library includes computer skills sometimes.

And the all-important lunch.

But now for a three-day weekend of sleep, snacks, cats, and video games.  There will be two more holidays in each of the next two weeks, for the Jewish High Holidays.  So we're getting off to a measured start this year, which is just fine.

Have a good weekend!

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