Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I never thought I'd hear myself say, "You can only sword fight with weapons of the same material."  Sis had her wooden "fantasy" sword, while Bud had his plastic lightsaber.  And I just knew wood would crack plastic.  So we all had a lightsaber battle.

My new name is "Darth Mommy, Sith Lord of the Rock Wall."


Quiche is the word around our house these days.  See, I've had the ingredients to make that for days and have mentioned every night for dinner.  And then we always have something else.

We even started singing about it.  "The quiche will come out tomorrow.  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be quiche."  Or "Quiche, I'm going to eat it tomorrow!"  You name the musical, we made up a quiche song.  Drove Mama nuts, made Sis snort water out her nose.

We finally ate the quiche, to much fanfare, last night for dinner.


The cooler weather has taken us outside.  Yesterday, for their day off, we played our version of tag/hide-and-go-seek.  This involves my searching after the children, who try to hide and not be seen, with frequent location changes.  It's more a game of spy because the object is for them to watch me while I don't see them.  We all stealthily circle the house trying to "win."  And once I see them, we just start again.  There's no running or actual tagging, just spotting.  It sounds kinda lame in the description, but we all enjoy it.  And sometimes I do manage to surprise them!

They also play real tag in the morning at the bus stop, especially now that there are more kids.  Besides our usual foursome--my two, the girl in their class, and the 2nd grader--there are two more girls (1st and 3rd grades?) and a 4th-grade boy (the kindergarten girl only rides home in the afternoons.)  And they've been playing tag (well, not the 4th-grade boy, who is not quite warmed up to us yet.)  Invariably they tag me and I try to sneak up on one of them to no avail.  These other kids are fast and don't realize I won't run, especially with my cup of tea in hand.  Sometimes they tag the 2nd-grader's dad and he runs very fast.  It's a wonderful way to start the morning, actually.

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