Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Celebrations

It was a weekend full of lunar happenings for us, beginning not Sunday evening with the rest of the Western Hemisphere, but Saturday with a local Lunar Festival.  Three years running, Bud's kung fu team has performed at a celebration of the harvest moon.  Thankfully, unlike last year when rain interrupted the proceedings just as Bud was to go on, it was a beautiful day for the festival.  And the performance went off without a hitch.  Bud did his hand form and his broad sword, along with a dozen or more of his teammates.  So proud of him!  We grabbed lunch from our favorite Thai place and headed home.

On Sunday evening, we prepped to watch the supermoon lunar eclipse.  There are lots of articles about the uniqueness of this one:  supermoon closer to the earth than usual, full Harvest moon,  etc, the confluence of which won't be seen again til 2033.   From 8 pm to a little after 10 pm, we stayed in the yard and watched the moon darken from left to right, turning red as it did so.  Mama got some photos.  The kids played ninja and then parachute, while checking on the moon's progress.  We sang songs (moon songs, "Rainbow Connection,") and laughed at stories.   We even saw a skunk wander across the driveway!  The only thing we didn't have were s'mores and a campfire.  But it was a fun break from our usual routine, even if everyone was over-tired this morning.

I wonder what the kids will remember of this night, if anything, when they're 28?

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