Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last Day of Summer

Tonight is our last summer's eve; tomorrow is our last day of summer.  We are pretty much living in limbo now--all of our summer activities are over and all of our school prep is over, too.  We're just waiting.

There isn't much anxiety here this year, mainly, I think, because they are returning to the same classroom, same teachers, same classmates, together.  Otherwise, a lot of the moms in town and online seem anxious, perhaps even more so, this year.  Anxiety about teachers, classmates, lunches, uniform, bus stops and schedule.  Just a lot of anxiety. It can be so hard. This makes Buddhist priest and author Karen Maezen Miller's comment on FB, "Parents, you are overthinking it" all the more timely.

I'm doing my own overthinking--I have long lists of possible breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners--what they'll eat this year (which is always a smaller list than the year before.)  And I've remembered to get at least some of these things for when I pack lunch day after tomorrow!

And I'm looking forward to the structure of school, for all of us, probably thinking it will create more positive changes than it actually will.  More regular bedtime, regular meals together, more help with household chores.  I've let a lot of things slide this summer.  For example, these last three days of summer?  Unlimited screentime here.  Movies, tv, whatever computer games or programming.  And you know what?  They are getting along and loving it.  And it's easier for me than policing them.  Why not let them do what they like most these last few days, especially as I heavily restrict it in the school week?  Besides, we did a few things these last few days--we made brownies for the teacher luncheon yesterday and delivered them, and then today had a long playdate at a friend's house; tomorrow, we have piano.  And as you know, we had a pretty big list of Summer Fun that we worked on--I'll have to do a final check.

Soon enough we'll be consumed by kung fu, piano, homework, Girl Scouts, ice skating, book club, church Sunday school, alarm clocks, church and all the like.  But for now, it's hot and we're hiding inside, lollygagging.  Which is a pretty fine thing the last few days of summer.

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