Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another First Day

The kids are off for the first day of fifth grade.  It was a pretty calm event, all things considered, but, then, I calculate that it is our eighth first day of school.  We had our usual special poster, which this year is written in Gallifreyan from "Doctor Who"; last year's Elvish was very popular.  We also had our traditional Schultute, which are German cones given on the first day with goodies inside (a little candy, some tickets for screen time)--I started this their first year of pre-school, after seeing it in a magazine; they even said a couple of days ago that they hoped they were getting their usual cornucopia.  Mama made special omelets, to order, with bell peppers for Bud, ham for Sis.  The kids were so giddy about the first day that they were outside before the middle school bus left!  This gave us plenty of time for the traditional photos as we waited for the bus.  Soon our usual bus mates arrived; we'll have one more afternoon bus mate, the new kindergartener across the street.  While we stood there with our friends, a doe and her two fawns walked down the street and later through our yard.  So close we could even see their spots.  Quite a sight! 

The house is now very quiet.  The cats don't quite know what to do with themselves, though they'll figure it out quickly.  I have a full's day worth of things to catch up on, maybe even a few days!  Girl Scout paperwork, delayed doctor's appointments (just the usual annual stuff), some church RE work, an event at the historic house.  But for right now, I'm drinking rose tea out of my Jane Austen mug while blogging and watching "Midsomer Murders."

And it's so quiet.

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