Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Scorcher

It wasn't quite as hot today, as far as the thermometer was concerned, but the humidity was high and there was a lot of retained heat in the un-cooled schools.  When they were sent outside for recess, they were ordered not to move around "energetically"--they could only stand to kick a ball, not move much less run, and nothing else.  The kids told me they all huddled under the one shade tree.  Fun.

So, after lunch, I fetched them from school to bring them home, mainly to save them from a nauseating bus ride . . . and ran into another friend getting her child!  From their class, even!

It was supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but we haven't had much luck with rain and most of the state is in a moderate drought.  Our grass is dead; our memorial hydrangeas didn't make it, even with some watering.  Several trees are just turning brown--it'll be a pretty mediocre fall foliage year. Even the storm headed our way is patchy and thin and the possibility of precipitation is falling on every forecast chart, as is the amount.  I'm going to guess a bit of drizzle, with maybe one impressive 15-minute downpour. Maybe.

Just as long as the storm brings cooler weather . . . . .

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