Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gingerly We Move Along

We are having a thing about ginger over here right now.

Love it!

I usually only like "fake" ginger--you know, commercial gingerale and gingerbread and gingersnaps.  Real ginger is usually too strong for me.  And it gives me really crazy, vivid dreams, sometimes disturbingly so.

But Mama made me a Ginger Syrup to help combat some digestion issues that popped up this month's cycle (yes, even on that low FODMAPs diet.)  And so we've had gingerale--namely, this tangy sweet syrup in seltzer.  I'm really enjoying it--and it helps--and the dreams haven't been too much.

Even better than that, though, I put it in our fruit-infused water.  See, I've also been having a thing about glass Ball jars for about a year.  I use various sizes for all sorts of things, including as drink pitches (especially for home-brewed ice tea) and as drinking glasses.  You can buy this great top with a straw hole that fits right on your jar, making it essentially spill-proof and reusable; I like that it's glass not plastic.  And now you can buy a little screw-on cylindrical infuser with its own sippy-top lid (both at Target, where the canning supplies are in housewares.)  I've been making individual batches of fruit water and even large 2-quart jars to share.  I've done raspberry as well as pineapple, and then variations of pineapple with orange and lime.  Mama and I are drinking it by the barrel, though the kids are suspicious.

And those waters are even better with a little bit of the ginger syrup!

Tomorrow, I'm going to infuse seltzer (instead of tap water) with fruit and add the syrup--yep, we're living it up over here.


Ginger Syrup
from David Lebovitz

8 ounces fresh ginger, peeled  and cut into thin slices
4 cups water
2 cups  sugar
pinch salt

Place the ginger along with the water, sugar, and salt in a nonreactive saucepan.  Boil then reduce to simmer and cook for 45 minutes to one hour.  Let cool, then strain the syrup.  Store covered in the refrigerator; should keep for up two weeks.

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