Monday, September 14, 2015

L'Shana Tovah!

Happy New Year 5776!  May your year be filled with sweetness!

In honor of the Jewish Holy Day, we'll be making Swedish Apple Pie later (apples being a major symbolic food for Rosh Hashanah; I can't eat the apples--stupid FODMAPS--but will enjoy the scent.)  Yes, the kids are home.  It's a school holiday here in town, as is next week's Yom Kippur.  We voted as a town to observe the Jewish Holy Days over (historically suspect and corrupt) Columbus Day, about which I'm quite proud considering that we have many more Italian than Jewish families, but we seem to recognize, as a group, the importance of these days.

So, the kids slept in, had to run a few errands with me, got lunch out, and are now watching a little tv before we head to the farmer's market this afternoon.  Sis is craving cider doughnuts.

It actually feels a little like fall today, with the humidity finally dropping some, along with the temperatures.  I think it was 57F overnight!  I even got up and put on socks and a heavier nightgown but left the fan on because I enjoyed being chilly.  It'll still be warm this week for September--into the low 80s everyday after today--but the nights are cooling off.

Which is great for the foliage.  Except we're still in a moderate drought and some of the trees are just beginning to dry up brown.  It's not going to be a good year for colors here in CT, I think, unless we get a lot of rain now.  And there's no rain on the 10-day forecast.

Still, it's beautiful today and we're relishing the change in temperature.

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