Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Stitch

I'm crochet crazy these days.  Besides those 10 or so afghans I've made and the study of my grandmothers' own afghans, I'm taking not one but two crochet classes online at Craftsy.  One course is improving my crochet techniques with Edie Eckman, while the other is woodland amigurumi, with Stacey Trock.  I'm taking the latter with Mama, who has always wanted to make amigurumi but doesn't crochet. The class teaches both basic crochet and how to make small stuffed critters out of yarn.  

And so, I'm getting better and expanding my interests.  I experimented with that mitered Granny Square that came out not quite square but still lovely.  And now I'm practicing Corner to Corner crochet, seen above, which also works out of one corner instead of the middle, using what I know as the crazy stitch.  In fact, I'd worked a whole little blanket with the crazy stitch and had given it to Mojito, but it was straight lines, not diagonal from the corner.  I finished the above today--yes, in Hogwarts colors, and, yes, probably also for Mojito--and will try one in my super chunky soft Lion Brand soon.  Just a change from my usual Granny Square.  There's also a "reverse" Granny Square that uses what I think is a cluster stitch--the directions are in Spanish so I'm having to learn how to read crochet diagrams, which transcend language barriers with their use of symbols (I can't locate the original post, just the image of the pattern.)   And another linear pattern that's more like a labyrinth or squared spiral that I'd like to try (and that pattern is in Chinese!  But again has a diagram--thankfully, my techniques class will cover reading diagrams!)

Before we go to ComicCon in the fall, I want to make a chunky cowl--because I'm going dressed as a Scot from "Outlander!"  I don't plan on cosplaying a specific character--trying to be Claire with her fantastic clothes would be too hard--but just the idea, with my green skirt, a brown bodice, something tartan-y, and a cowl.  

Lastly, if I get really ambitious, I want to make the crocheted "mandala" called Sophie's Garden.  It's small stitches, various stitches, and lots of color changes.  Beautiful and hard.

And if Mama and I don't crash early, we might start our amigurumi tonight! 

Making stuffed animals will open up a whole new realm . . . . because I'd want to make a penguin for Bud, a bunny for Sis, a sheep for Mama, or maybe an owl, and a hedgehog for me . . . or a panda, or a cat . . . . . 

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