Friday, June 12, 2015


Last full Friday of the school year, with only a week of mostly half-days left to go!

It finally feels like summer here in CT, perhaps too much--I am just not ready for 86F, even with air conditioning.  Makes me want to never leave the house, until maybe October.  Oh well, other people don't like to leave the house between December and April, so I guess it balances.

I'm trying an old recipe in a new way today:  gumbo in the crockpot!  My usual slow cooker recipe requires sauteeing onions, celery, and bell pepper apart from the sausage and apart from the chicken AND making a roux before combining everything.  And I find just the chopping can be enough standing-at-the-counter time for me these days.  So, I pretty much dumped all of the ingredients in the slow cooker, made a roux, and added it.  It'll simmer all day, hopefully really pulling the flavors out of the veggies and sausage.  I'll let you know.

Otherwise, we've got the usual extracurriculars and all of the end-of-year stuff, and even a birthday party in the next week or two.  Whew.  I think they're will be more meals in the slow cooker . . . because yesterday, having taken Sis to the "Girl Talk," I totally forgot that I had to make dinner!  I have a feeling that could happen again in the next week or so.

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