Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Fun: Beerorium

It was hot today, for Connecticut, highs up around 87F, which is more like August for us.

Which meant I stayed inside as much as I could, with the AC on.

But around 4 pm, Sis wanted to go play outside . . . in the sprinkler.  So she donned her swimsuit, set the sprinkler up in the shade, and soaked herself.

Pretty soon, to encourage her idea, I headed outside with my iced tea in a Ball jar with straw and a bowl of cold watermelon.  Bud followed right behind me, albeit in his pajamas still.

Soon they were both running through the sprinkler, then taking watermelon breaks.  Then slip-sliding down the watery slide!  And every now and then, I could smell the water and feel it change the breeze as I sat in the shade of one of our trees.

It reminded me of my paternal grandfather's "beerorium," or at least that is how my childhood brain remembers the word.  Essentially, it was a sprinkler set up to cool off the hot afternoon breezes of Dallas.  I remember playing in it sometimes, while all the adults sat on the porch, no doubt with beer.

Recently, my uncle has been posting videos of those times on You Tube, old 1970s videos reclaimed in the digital era.  There I am, with my blond curls (yes, you read that correctly) wandering around my grandparents' front yard, complete with a swingset that I definitely remember--just not at their house.  There's all the trees, the pond that was drained to be a rose garden, and the little house with the red brick that would stain your feet.  You can see my grandmother, looking so old in a kerchief--though, she is two years younger there than Gommie is now! (I think I'm closer to Aunt Sis's age, or even Aunt Ohio, than to Gommie, who was only about 30 here)--and Gommie, Grandad, and Aunt Sis, and Aunt Ohio, and Uncle and Cousin Monk, and even their "weiner dog" Otto and my dear old Becky, a black lab.  Not sure who is filming--Pop isn't in the photo, but I don't think he's the cameraman--maybe one of my older cousins.  We're all there, (well, not Aunt Banana, not yet)  probably celebrating Christmas.  (Don't ask me why they're blowing up firecrackers in the gravel.)

There's no beerorium--in fact, it's winter (see, jackets and even hats!)--but where I walk around is about where the sprinkler would go.

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  1. Because boys like to make things go 'bang'. Every decent chemistry book gave a recipe for gunpowder and we made it by the cupful.