Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ripple, Cowls, and Crochet, Oh, My!

I'm still crocheting . . . just finished a chunky Granny ripple afghan and am working on my Outlander-inspired cowl for my cosplay at ComicCon this fall.  The ripple worked well and the cowl is lovely (I just need to decide how "tall" to make it.)  I might even make an infinity cowl out of some of the purple yarn I used for my first ripple afghan.  We'll see.

Mama and I haven't gotten back to our amigurumi; something else always seems to come up.

But my crochet keeps getting better.  For the Ripple, as I mentioned, I had to learn to dc2tog and count.  For the cowl, I practiced my foundation double crochet and both my front and back post stitches, none of which I've ever done.  I never dreamed that one of the positive outcomes of my surgery would be improving my crocheting skills!  I love it.

Chunky Granny Ripple

4 skeins Lion Brand Thick and Quick
P hook

Ch 79

will finish rest of pattern

Outlander "Sassenach" Cowl

from Polly Foo Foo on Ravelry

I foundation double crocheted 50 stitches to make mine wider.  Then I worked the pattern till it was about 12" high.

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  1. ah, such a talented daughter! It's 'genetic' from your grams and great grams: china, ceramics ,crochet, knitting, painting, crafts, quilting, etc.