Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Renewed Books

I got a Kindle while I was recovering from surgery--it was easier to hold than a book and I could also read it at night without a light, while Mama slept.

And I'm loving reading historical mysteries, which was my preferred genre before the kiddos.  A friend in grad school turned me on to them more than twenty years ago--she was a huge Anne Perry fan and so I started to read her Victorian mysteries, too (first the Thomas Pitt series, then Detective Monk.)  Slowly I branched out--medieval mysteries, Elizabethan mysteries, eighteenth century, Victorian.  I never really took to the ancient Roman ones, despite my background in classical studies.  At the height of my reading, I was probably reading 20+ different series.

See, I'm not a great reader of "literature"--I tended to read non-fiction for school and then these "twinkies" after school.  I've never been one to fret over the great American novel or the hot trade paperback.  And then, with young children, I barely read much for myself; I'd read to them.  But now that they're finally reading books like Harry Potter, etc., that interest me, they want to read on their own!

And I've rediscovered reading my mysteries.  It started when I began reading the books on which "Miss Fisher's Mysteries" were based--I just love Phryne Fisher and her early 20th-century Australia!  And reading was made easier by the Kindle--they are cheap and easy to get.  I'm reading through many of the favorite series I was reading a decade ago, picking up where I left off.  And I'm enjoying it immensely, going through a few a week.

Just wait til I catch up with all the new historical mystery series started in the last decade!

I don't even have to make room on my bookshelves.

Margaret Frazer, Dame Frevisse series (15th-century England)
Caroline Roe, Isaac the Healer series (medieval Spain)

Fiona Buckley, Ursula Blanchard series
Karen Harper, Queen Elizabeth 1 as detective!
Kathy Lynn Emerson, "Face Down" series with Susanna Appleton

Barbara Hambly, Benjamin January (early 19th-century New Orleans)
Victoria Thompson, Gaslight series (early 20th-century NYC, with a midwife and a detective)
Anne Perry, both Thomas Pitt and Detective Monk series (London)

Laura Joh Rowland, Sano Ichiro (17th-century Japan)
Peter Tremayne, Sister Fidelma (7th-century Ireland)
Bruce Alexander, Sir John Fielding (18th-century London)

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