Monday, June 8, 2015


Well, the CT scan showed not only diverticulosis (a small pouch pushed in my colon, but not infected) but also a burst ovarian cyst and extra fluid in my abdomen.  No wonder this week sucked.  (And Lambeth, before you say it, neither had anything to do with my over-reaching my abilities!)

The irony is that diverticulosis is caused by a low-fiber diet, something I had mainly because of the surgery--I was told a bland diet, which is defined as having no whole grains, very cooked vegetables, etc., --not my usual beans and broccoli and cabbage!

Oh, well.

Time to go back to my mostly vegetarian routine.  I'll consult a GI specialist and my GYN just to be sure we're doing everything we can.

But my surgery incision, etc., looks good.  And that is no small thing to be grateful for.

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