Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Almost the end of the school year.

Almost 5th grade.

Almost Father's Day.

Almost time to celebrate Goo and Gong's birthdays.

Almost their birthday.

Almost ten.

Almost Mama's birthday.

Almost Solstice.

It's going to be a big week or two.  The kids are giddy with excitement that today was the last full day of school (we have three half-days left, I think.)  Behind the scenes, I'm getting ready for summer, their party, and celebrating Mama, too.  Though I'm not sure what exactly we're going to do for that last one.  Most of our plans are for fall (Comic Con, Vermont, Block Island), with only minimal actual plans beyond summer camps and our usual Summer Fun 2015 list, except for an anniversary weekend in the city for Mama and me to see Fun Home and have fun, maybe afternoon tea and a museum, while the kids do the beach with Ma and Gong.

Almost feel like I did before surgery.

Almost back to my regular activities (I have eaten in a restaurant and driven to the mall TWICE!)

ALMOST ready for summer.

But ready or not, it's almost here.

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