Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blank Canvases

Look at this print, entitled Things That Are Awesome, by Funnelcloud.  It's got almost 200 little drawings of:

Starfish, ukuleles, tipis, daiquiris, llamas, flashlights, guacamole, lavender, flip flops, log cabins, ice bergs, bagels, sloths, cupcakes, aliens, mix tapes, raindrops, horse shoes, submarines, the Big Dipper, peanut butter, hot water bottles, hang gliders, wine, jeans, modern chairs, hot cocoa, fireworks, gila monsters, slide whistles, palm trees, cookies, conch shells, foreign coins, spotted toadstools, tractors, hot dogs, bakeries, earth, concert tickets, cheesecake, in-line skates, bulldogs, shish kebabs, UFOs, twisty straws, snowflakes, glow sticks, bobbleheads, narwhals, blueberries, grills, birds of prey, lip balm, castles, venus flytraps, windmills, lemonade, sunglasses, buttermilk biscuits, jellyfish, bicycles, cacti, milkshakes, pyramids, popsicles, canoes, passports, sea shells, candles, homemade bread, hockey, fountain pens, fresh peaches, steel drums, geckos, cameras, fireflies, neon signs, bubble gum, maps, mason jars, sprinklers, tree houses, drive-in movies, crepes, bubble baths, clawfoot tubs, ampersands, bridges, bacon, igloos, light bulbs, exclamation points, gnomes, pizza, sharks, french crullers, picnics, hiking boots, chocolate milk, computers, motorcycles, crayons, corn on the cob, deep sea anglerfish, beer, hazelnuts, grizzly bears, trampolines, chalkboards, wiener dogs, double rainbows, butterflies, campers, hammocks, cowboy boots, hot air balloons, tubas, chocolate-covered pretzels, cheese, telescopes, rockets, sailboats, flippers, sunflowers, shooting stars, chocolate, strawberries, books, autumn leaves, olives, convertibles, octopuses, record players, champagne, pine trees, sea horses, greyhounds, unicycles, letters, snorkeling, kayaks, bighorn sheep, bulldozers, rafts, sticky notes, gelato, cheeseburgers, camping, mountains, marsupials, jack-o-lanterns, picture postcards, banjos, water slides, barns, chicken & waffles, sunrises, sunsets, pajama pants, robots, the moon, avocados, lilacs, islands, sangria, thunderstorms, snow tubes, goats, wrecking balls, bison, pasta, frozen custard, gumball machines, pies, surfboards, didgeridoos, gargoyles, airboats, hummus, dinosaurs, coconut rum, monsters, lanterns, crabs, campfires, lighthouses, wildflower bouquets, gin & tonics, funnel clouds, and twinkle lights.

I love the whole thing (and just purchased a print!):  the little drawings, the combo of words and images, and just the whimsy of a list of good things.  I can't wait to spend time discovering the 194 awesome things.

And it got me thinking.  We have a big green chalkboard taking up a whole kitchen wall.  It's been a Hobbit hole door almost all school year and it's time for a change.  I think we're going to draw things that we think are awesome, maybe particularly summer things.  I don't know.  I'm thinking of hanging the print across from the chalkboard on the basement door so we can see it all the time, both to be inspired artistically and also to be grateful for the little things, the ordinary miracles of each day.

What would your list include?

I'm going to enjoy making mine.


Secondly, I LOVE this work, We Do Geek by Crafts by a Geeky Mommy.  It's a take-off of all of those sweet "We Do Family" lists, with things like "In this family, we do hugs, we do mistakes, we do laughter . . . . "  And while that's a nice list, it's kinda milque-toasty.  I like this one better:

In This House
We believe in Magic
We have epic adventures
Once upon a time and in 
Galaxies far far away
We do wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff while 
Going where no man has gone before
We know the answer to 
Everything is 42 and that
The odds are ever in our favor
We do cosplay and passion
And we aim to misbehave
And we don’t care what others think
Because in this house

We do Geek

I bet we could adapt this list to us (since we're not into Hitchhiker's Guide or Hunger Games yet.)  It would have to have Studio Ghibli and Minions.  And we would "manage mischief" instead of "misbehave." But it's such a great list (and looks even better with all the different fonts), fun to play off of.   

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