Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I'm camping this week.  At home.  Via the internet.  Which, considering how muggy it is and how hot for Connecticut in June, suits me just fine.

It's my second time attending Heather Bruggeman's Summer Soul Camp, which invites us to adapt the parts of camp we liked as children and invigorate our daily summer routine with small rituals and activities.

I think I can credit camp with our two afternoon forays outside so far this week.  We didn't last long because it was hot, but I've been enjoying sitting under one of our maples which provides great shade for our metal table set and has my favorite view right down our rock wall.  Yesterday, I sat there while they played in the sprinkler/"beerorium."  Today we picnicked there, albeit with a deli lunch.  I'm considering doodling some little flags to decorate.

And then I had this crazy idea to get a tent to sleep outside with the kids, since we're not going far this summer.  The weather will cool off, into the low 70s again next week, which would be good camping weather.   It could be really fun.

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