Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Day

Today . . . .
  • Bud had a fever and spent much of the time napping . . . 
  • except when he was building a Lego (The Tower of Orthanc) from the Magic Trunk;
  • Sis also had a Lego (the Corsairs' ship from LOTR);
  • but she also spent a ton of time outside with the neighbor girl across the street sledding down neighbor's yard, working on yesterday's fort, building a tunnel in the snowbank, making snowballs, drinking homemade hot chocolate, playing with the other kids from the cul de sac;
  • we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, again (we watched it and Maleficent the last couple of nights);
  • Bud and Mama played Infinity, then Sis and Mama played Infinity;
  • I crocheted using the Crazy Stitch a blanket for the downstairs cats;
  • I snuggled with Patron, who slept behind my knees on the couch;
  • Mama cleared the driveway and sidewalk with snowblower and cleared off our cars;
  • I made chicken stock from yesterday's baked chicken and then made chicken noodle soup;
  • we all nibbled on yesterday's ANZAC biscuits (which are delicious but too spread out--something went wonky with the recipe; I'll post it later);
  • we talked to Gommie about her injection (for her newly-diagnosed spinal stenosis; it went very well) and then about Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, which she is studying up on to be ready for her visit in two weeks;
  • and we're slowly getting ready to resume a somewhat limited schedule tomorrow--Sis will go to school (which is delayed two hours) and Bud will be home with me trying to get better; only Mama will do her usual work thing.
So, a pretty good blizzard for us.  Besides if there had been a ton more snow, Mama would have had a lot more work and we probably would've gotten stir crazy from more days in the house.  This was just about perfect.

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