Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our Magician

Bud has entered his magic phase.  Always latent, it blossomed into a full phase right before and then because of the Big Apple Circus.  It consists mainly of card tricks, though now he's also making coins move around.  He has a few books, follows some sites like ellusionist, and trades tricks with his friends at school; they do card tricks during indoor recess.  He even makes up some of his own.   And while I might be able to figure out some of his tricks either because I know them or the deception is not completely hidden, there have been a few card ones that absolutely stump me.  (We're teaching him not to show us again and again, which would give us a chance to figure it out.)  And he'll get smoother with his sleights of hand.  What he absolutely has down is the magician's showy, distracting banter.  "Pick a card, any card.  See I have nothing in my hand.  Now, I haven't touched the deck since you cut it.  I couldn't have done a thing . . . ."  And he just looks in your eye and smiles and moves his hands around.  And even if I know the trick, I fall for the show every time.

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