Sunday, January 18, 2015

Patron Don Gato

We had a wonderful evening.  Bud practiced magic card tricks.  Sis read.  I crocheted.  And Mama played games.

All while Patron "Don Gato" (from the song) wandered around on the first floor with us.  (We're trying out nicknames, such as Mr. P, Mr. T, Big Tabby, Senor Don Gato, etc.)

For three hours!

He chased mice toys and the red light.  He licked his banana.  He walked around the backs of couches.  And then he got cozy on the couch, first time he's really sat down to relax upstairs from the basement.  So, of course, we had to take lots of pictures--of him chilling, getting chin scratches, sitting on my lap (with my crochet--he was testing out the blanket), sitting between Bud and me.

All the while, the Connecticats slept on the second floor, while his brother Mojo (also Mojito, pronouncing the "j") stayed downstairs.

It was a wonderful three hours.  He's so big and so soft which such big cat features.  And this great rumbling purr and a hoarse meow.   He's just a marvelous cat.

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