Sunday, January 25, 2015

Something Snowy This Way Comes

When I went to bed, the forecast read 6-12 inches.

When I woke up, it had doubled--one to two feet!!!!

We're having snow!   Probably a blizzard.

I've posted a lot about snow and preparations--how to get ready, what to do in it for fun (and here), and just general tips for novices--and we're checking off our list as we get things done.  Mama is out with the kids at the store; I'm home with a tight back (nothing serious) and a healthy regard for black ice.  The trickiest part for us is if we lose power.  We don't have a generator (we think about it every season and then decide we don't need it.)  But we have a propane stove to use on our easily ventilated porch, if need be.  Otherwise, we have lots of blankets.  (Our chimney is old and not up to code for using--the flue is too narrow for both a fire and the exhaust from the furnace and it would be too expensive to widen it including altering the roof; but, if there's no electricity to run the furnace, I suppose we could light a fire.  That would be last resort.  No worries, we keep the chimney clean and in working order.  And have carbon monoxide monitors on all floors.)

For now, we're just waiting and taking bets on when it comes, how much, and how it affects school. The kids are dreaming of days off and mountains of snow.  I'll be sure to post pictures.

Unless we lose power!

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