Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Music to Our Ears

Last night, the kiddos had their first Beginning Orchestra concert.  Very similar to their Beginning Strings concert last year, they played three songs, including one that was just scales.  I don't remember last year's much, except that I teared up and that Bud's cello ended up in the auditorium (cellists leave their instruments on the side of the stage, per teacher's instruction, to pick up after the concert, but we were leaving earlier; many others were in the same boat.)

This year's concert was almost exactly the same and, despite prior knowledge, his cello still sat in the auditorium until later in the evening.  But we were prepared.  The kids brought decks of cards to do magic trick swith their friends  During the concert,  Bud sat as first cellists--there are only two--and Sis said seats weren't earned but were based on sitting next to someone you wouldn't chat with.  I guess Bud is too chatty even to sit next to the viola-players.    Sis is nestled amid the violinists so that all you can see are her bangs; she too is chatty apparently and wasn't sitting next to any of the friends I know.

The songs were "Jingle Bells" and "Ole Joe Clark" which I have heard dozens and dozens of times on various instruments.  Music only parents would clap for.

Still, it's a great opportunity, this elementary school orchestra and I look forward to many more.

Even if we'll always have to wait to retrieve the cello.

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  1. There may be a few years of "endurance" as a music parent, but if they stick with it someday you will be making dinner to the most blissful tunes. When our Lindsey went off to college (where she continued to study piano and violin as "extras"), I was teary for weeks due to the silence at suppertime. Even my beloved NPR was a weak substitute.

    Bud and Sis are lucky to have an elementary school orchestra and a Mama who encourages them!