Monday, January 12, 2015

What Makes Me Feel Amazing?

I'm taking another wonderful online course with Heather Bruggeman, of Beauty that Moves.  You might recall that I've taken her 30-Day Vegan, Whole Food Kitchen, Summer Camp, and this Hibernate workshop.  I like her intentionality, creativity, and gentleness, which shows through in her social media presence, workshops, and projects.  In turn, her workshops attract a supportive, interesting, mindful group of people.

Today the Hibernate workshop begins and our project is to create a winter to-do list (I won't tell you too much about the class, proprietary as it is, but I think I can post my list.)  I thought of a SARK poster, How to be an Artist, that I've had for years, and a new poster created by Miranda Altshuler of Karen Maezen Miller's 10 Tips for a Mindful Home.  Heather herself made a list and now I've made mine.

I doodled it a bit with the supplies Sis and Bud gave me for Christmas, to reflect on it, sit with it.  This is what I mean:

  • Create something--crochet, a meal, a blog post, a doodle
  • Learn something--practice piano, ASL, juggle, read a book or the papers (selectively)
  • Connect with someone--in person, on the phone, even electronically
  • Show some love--hug my kids, kiss my wife, pet my cats
  • Help--a neighbor, community, my hospice work, Girl Scout troop, historic house 
  • Move--as simple as walking around, or more intentional like the treadmill or swimming
  • Meditate--30 minutes, especially listening to Sharon Salzberg cds, or doodling
  • Continue a work-in-progress--could be housework, an organizational project, whatever
  • Rest and relax--not just sleep at night, but play games, watch movies, what's that Danish word, "hygge?"
  • Listen--with compassion and respect and gratitude.

It's a good list, one I've tweaked since writing the original a few years ago, written during another of Heather's workshops (but not, if I recall, as part of it.)  Of course, I rarely get to all of it, but it's a good reminder of what keeps me balanced and, consequently, helps keep our family balanced.

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