Monday, January 5, 2015

Back at It

Mama to work; kids to school.  Today we are officially back to our routine.  And, despite all the Sunday complaining, it all went pretty smoothly.  The kids even confessed to being glad to be back.

I'm easing into it myself, with grocery run, prepping the pipes and yard for a deep freeze (snow Tuesday and 4F on Thursday morning!) and other chores, which includes quality time with as many cats as possible.  Today I managed three out of four.  Patron snuck up to eat Albus and Hermione's food and then came to see me on the couch!  Albus, who was nearby, didn't budge until Patron started playing with some of his toys on the floor.  At one point, I had them both chasing toy mice and balls around.  And, until Hermione ran him off, I bet Patron was upstairs more than an hour or so.  Progress!  Mojito would have none of it.

So, tomorrow a consistently dwindling forecast for snow, certainly not enough to keep the kiddos at home.

But the perfect excuse for me to stay home and play toss with the cats again!

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