Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Update

The blizzard arrived but not with the strength expected; the worst went further east.  So, while it was and still is windy and snowing ( I wouldn't want to drive in it. And we're glad that Mama and the kids are home) , the accumulation is definitely under a foot.  In fact, in some places, like at the fire hydrant and on the bench and on the sidewalk under the tree, there isn't even any snow. Still pretty and enough for snow ice cream but not too much work ( shoveling out a fire hydrant from two feet of snow can be a ton of work. And you can't use the snowblower.  So we got lucky.)

In the photo below, you can sort of see it coming off the roof and how it stuck to the window and the side of the house but also how there isn't too much accumulation on the deck, swing set, and ground near the little fence.

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