Thursday, April 2, 2015

Well, Just *&$%#

I awoke with a painful, tender spot in my thigh today, clearly red and swelling.  I'd been having pain in my calf, which I thought was a muscle pull.

Cardiologist confirms this afternoon that it's a blood clot, or DVT.

Of course, the only thing I know about DVTs is that they kill you.  But apparently that is quite rare.  Very rare.  Let's just keep going.

Anyway, new treatment is at home, medically, with pill Xarelto.  For 4 months.

No exercise, lots of rest, going to ER if I have trouble breathing or chest pain (pulmonary embolism, that would kill you, rare, though, remember?), calling cardiologist and surgeon if there is any bleeding--it is an anti-coagulant, after all.  Apparently, the heparin and leg cuffs I was on didn't stop the clot.

Typical post-surgery.

But I've had enough.

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