Sunday, April 12, 2015

My First Outing

I went out on my first non-medical outing today!!  I had thought it up on Friday and looked forward to it for two days.  So, not long after Gommie headed to the Mark Twain House and Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford, we headed to the British Shoppe!

(Gommie enjoyed the houses and her time away!)

It's a pretty drive to the store, which is small and manageable.  I was only uncomfortable a few times, when we hit some of the seasonal potholes.  And then we shopped!  Jammie Dodgers, Jaffa cakes, cockles, kippers, and various crisps for N.  All sorts of soon-to-be-banned Cadbury chocolates for Sis.  And then Mama and I got some Elderflower cordial, Garibaldis, milk chocolate digestives, and a couple of tea towels--Irish green with Celtic knots, in honor of Aunt Sis, who loved all things Celtic.  I hang my tea towels on my refrigerator, with two strong clip magnets, almost like a changeable fabric poster.
While we were pursuing the 50%-off giant Easter eggs in all flavors and themes (Iron Man, anyone?), Mama called in our lunch order to our nearby favorite German restaurant.  I wasn't going to be able to sit to eat for a whole restaurant meal, so we were taking it home:  sauerbraten, rouladen, schnitzel, spaetzle, red cabbage, German potato salad, green salad, potato pancakes, and our recent discovery Curry Wurst (think little hot dog rounds in a curried tomato gravy not unlike Heinz baked beans; apparently, they're really big in Berlin, I think it was.)  Because it's starchy and stewy, it lasts just fine in the car and was delicious and hot when we got home.

I was tired for a bit--I guess from all the bouncing on the potholes and just the strain of being out, even if it was mostly riding in the car--but managed a couple of afternoon walks and then a nap.  But the good it did me to get out of the house, see a change of scenery, have some totally different food, and even pick up a few treats to bring home was immeasurable.

I wonder where my outing next weekend will be?!!

I'm thinking something with a less-than-30-minute car ride and a bit more but not a ton of walking.

(The kids are going with Gommie on a few outings this spring break week, but I'll be home.)

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