Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beginning Blossoms

I love that I went into the hospital when it still felt and looked like winter and that I came home to spring!  We have snow drops, crocuses, new-to-me glory of the snow, and the very first stalks of tulips and daffodils.  Plus, my favorite, favorite hyacinths!!!  I love these flowers, with their bubbly blossoms and amazing scent.  I'll buy the old past-peak ones on discount at the store and then plant the bulbs for the next year. (See, I have to enjoy my flowers outdoors because the cats will eat them and many plants are toxic.)  I think I have 15 coming up in the yard right now.  And even though it is a dreary day, it cheers me to see them coming.  Soon, I'll be able to sit on my favorite bench, after my "surgical shuffle" driveway walk, and breathe in the lovely fragrance.

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