Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ups and Downs

It's been an okay few days.

Monday found me having that ultrasound.  Turns out, I have both a DVT in my calf and phlebitis in my thigh.  So, I'm staying on the Xarelto.  The clot is better, but I can still feel it.

We've had some more great meals from friends and Gommie also made Sis's favorite chicken, rice, and gravy one of those nights.

And I've had the first visits from friends.  My friend from the historic house stopped by very briefly--she's sick and didn't want to share--to give us some forsythia branches, which will bloom yellow soon.  And Mama Teacher came for lunch yesterday and a nice long chat.  She and I had surgery the same day, the same time (I was actually supposed to drive her to the hospital and be with her and help in the following days.  I'm still so sorry I couldn't be there for her.  She's helped us so much.)--hers was scheduled though!--so we could compare recoveries and such.  She looks great, though she's tired of hobbling around on crutches.  It was good to spend some time together.

Then last night, Sis had sign language class here at the house and so I got to talk to my friend, her teacher.  She had had shoulder surgery two months ago, so we could commiserate.  Signing was a work out for my core, that's for sure.  And I laughed too much, but it was a good visit.  And class for Sis.  Her husband picked her up afterwards and said I looked like I lost 20 lbs or more!  Which is not true.  I lost maybe 5, maybe, which hardly seems fair after no food and the removal of body parts!!!  And I imagine it will come right back with all the lack of exercise and bland, non-raw food. But what I do know and what everyone has commented on is that my stomach is flatter--I guess the bulgy knot/obstruction had been taking up space, at the top of my belly, and growing for awhile.  Even I can see the difference.  Kinda nasty.

My infection comes and goes.  The doctors don't seem that worried (I called to check in yesterday.)  I'm not even on antibiotics.  I see my surgeon tomorrow and only need to worry if I have nausea, vomiting, fever of 101, or abdominal pain, or a lot more drainage.  Ick.  Then I have to go straight to the ER.  I didn't feel great yesterday--probably as much mental as physical (I HATE thinking of the infection and my incision)--but I feel much better than that this morning . . . one day at a time.

What else?  On an up note, I did sit at the piano yesterday and play "Finlandia" my recital song twice through, the first time since my surgery.  Still don't know if I'll play at the recital in two weeks.

The kids have spring break next week and Gommie is planning some fun local getaways, which is perfect.  Don't want them staring at me, bored, all next week.

Okay, I think that's it.  All in all, good.  Happy Thursday, friends!

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