Friday, April 10, 2015

All Good

Two check-ups today:  The surgeon says I'm doing just fine.  The infection is in the belly button, one of the dirtiest places, apparently.  But it's not a "bad" infection--superficial--and will go away, most likely, with antibiotic cream and regular washing in the shower.

Otherwise, she poked and prodded and is pleased.  No carrying more than a jug of milk or equivalent for 6 to 8 weeks.  No driving til I'm not on narcotics.  (Stepping down from the Percocet to Vicodin and then later to Tylenol with codeine.)  Just walking, no PT for months; stairs are good.  Regular food.  If I have nausea, vomiting, chills, fever at 101, or abdominal pain, I go to the ER, paging them on the way.  Only down note:  it is possible, in the future, that I'll have another hernia in that messed up belly button area, but for now it's stitched and healing.  I can handle a hernia--know what to look for, even before they are critical strangulated and incarcerated--and, well, I won't be pregnant!

So, that's encouraging.  I like our surgeon.  She can repair all my future hernias!

My second check up was with my therapist, the cognitive one.  The surgery and Aunt Sis's death were a big one-two punch, so it's good to sit with her and discuss fear, anxiety, sadness, even anger and frustration.  It's a lot of work--meditating, recognizing and naming feelings, speaking truth even when it's hard, maintaining perspective, letting go of control and the compulsion to fix everything--to stay grounded and mindful but it really makes all the difference.  I am so much better off--mentally/emotionally/spiritually stronger--than I was four and a half years ago with my back injury.

I'll spend the rest of the day resting from all the poking, physically and mentally.  Gommie and I are watching the Grey Gardens remake, eating chicken and eggplant parms from the Italian deli.

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