Monday, April 6, 2015


Gommie and I are watching tv--lots of BBC like "Mr. Selfridge" and now "Sherlock," alas I didn't set our new cable/DVR system right to tape "Wolf Hall," but I got it for tonight--and resting after a wonderful Easter and several days of intensive activity.  Well, as intense as two wounded folks can do.  Mom's stenosis needs a break and I'm, well, still recuperating.

Especially because there were signs of infection this weekend and the surgeon on call saw me Saturday afternoon.  Instead of treating the minor surface infection with meds, he removed my 20 staples and packed, ugh, the bit that was oozing.  I've got butterfly tape across the whole thing, plus dressing, and my binder to hold me altogether.  It was exhausting.  Plus, he really questions the cardiologist's diagnosis of the blood clot--he thinks it's a vein infection, phlebitis--and so said to call Monday to schedule new tests.

I go for an ultrasound on my leg at 3.  In retrospect, I realize the cardiologist was less than thorough and I would rather not be on the heavy-hitting Xarelto, so I'm glad for the test.  Well, as glad as I can be about another little tick in my recovery timeline.  Still, ultrasounds are easy.

So, that's where we are today.  Lots of rest.

I'll tell you all about Easter in another post.

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