Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday's Update

It's just so good to be home.  Yes, I hurt and am very tired, and, yes, it's going to be a long slow road--it is a 10" incision with 20 staples, but a few laparocopic holes for good measure.  But other than that, I feel pretty good.

Of course, we're surrounded by love and support--meals, calls, emails, FB posts, cards, prayers, etc etc.  It means so much, helps so much.  Tomorrow, Gommie arrives to help keep things flowing smoothly.  And to celebrate Easter.  Sure, she's the walking wounded too, with her knee (torn meniscus) and back (spinal stenosis) issues, but any little bit helps, and the kids will bask in the attention.  So will I.

For now, I get my staples out next Friday and will start PT sometime in the next month or so.  My physical issues are complicated at the best of times.  And now I'm back to not having a core, since they sliced right through it.  I'll need to build that up again, best I can, and keep strengthening.  I expect hiccups--maybe even big ones with my back, which relies on my core such as it is--progress is never a straight line, but a series of loop-de-loops.

We have made some hard decisions, though, in deference to my surgery and recovery:

  • the biggest:  I'm putting off applying for seminary for a year.  It's too much to think of applying now and being ready to go in August for full-time school and volunteer internship.  It's not a cancellation, just a postponement.
  • We have canceled lots of minor activities--tickets to see Helen Mirren on Broadway, our last-minute free getaway Easter in Vermont (found out we could go on the day of the surgery, oh well), spring break visit to Block Island, maybe my piano recital at the end of April.  Bigger trips to Texas this summer and our fantasy of going to London for Christmas are also off the books as well.
  • I'm stepping back from all of my usual activities--hospice, Girl Scouts, historic house.  I can help behind-the-scenes some but can't attend those weekly as I have.  I'll go back to them.  But physically, it's just too much right now.  
It's all good, one day at a time, staying home with my family, connecting with my friends. 

I'm very fortunate and I know it.  

And in the coming days and weeks, I'll tell you more of my insights from the hospital, especially with regards to chaplaincy.  

For now, I'm eating lunch and watching a movie with Mama and the cats.

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  1. Your front view must look like a map of old Rome but it will gradually get overgrown with fine hair, kid yourself it is grass improving the landscape. Pity about the postponed trips but life does go that way sometimes, you are strong enough mentally to see the sense in the decisions and stick to them. We all wish you well and a comfortable recovery.