Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Break Saturday

My in-laws, who returned from Thailand about 10 days ago, came to see us today.  They took Sis to skating and then everybody (well, not me) went for lunch at Bud's favorite sushi restaurant.  I stayed home, eating leftovers and watching the AMC series about Revolutionary War spies, "Turn."  When they came home, we spent the afternoon hanging out, very subdued.  Everybody was pretty tired.  Though, we did gather enough energy that Sis, Bud, and I performed our piano recital pieces for practice.

After my in-laws left, we decided to get pizza and watch a movie.  So with cheese pizza, Hawaiian pizza, chicken fingers, and salad with ranch dressing, we settled in for Transformers: Age of Extinction, a long, loud, violent, fast-paced show.  Perhaps a little too much.  We've let the kids see lots of PG-13s, but Bud took the death of one of the characters very personally this time.  I suppose, circumstances being what they are, that's not surprising.

Tomorrow, we'll probably be even less structured--no lessons, no visitors, just hanging out.

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