Thursday, April 16, 2015

Treetop Adventures

Yesterday, Gommie took the kids to a rope course, which they'd been to on a GS family outing before.  They were so excited to try it again.  Gommie watched from below as they climbed, zipped, balanced, and navigated all the clips and tweezles, etc., sticking together as a team the whole time.  It was a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine and a stiff breeze, and Gommie enjoyed both watching and enjoying the outdoors.

Meanwhile, I stayed home alone and watched "The Fall," with Gillian Anderson sporting her British accent (she is bi-dialectal, having lived in both London and the midwest US as a child.)  And then I walked to the local deli down the street--just about half a city block--to get my lunch.  All.  By.  Myself.    So excited, so proud.  Best.  Lunch.  Ever.  So a pretty good day for us all.

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