Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Further Adventures of Gommie and the Kids

Today, the last full day that Gommie is with us, she took the kiddos to a coastal preserve, to walk the shore and see some birds.  Sis took her birdwatcher's book and Gommie took our binoculars.  They saw osprey and piping plovers, neither of which Sis had on her lifetime list.  On a down note, the staff said they'd seen the snowy owl a week or so ago--I'd given up at least a month before that.  Oh, well, hopefully next year.  Besides, I saw the real Hedwig, which has to count for something.

And then they all went to hibachi!  Yum!  The kids love "herbachi," as they used to call it and got their usual favorites--chicken with noodles and fried rice for Sis, shrimp with noodles and fried rice for Bud. They picked up frozen yogurt on the way home and brought me a bowl--I love it with almonds, coconut, and raspberries (though, the tart plain which I usually love is non-fat at this place, new to me, and was pretty disgusting.  Oh, well, the toppings made up for it some.)

It was such a busy day that they only had time to drop off my yogurt before heading to haircuts, which they desperately needed.  Though, now they look like newly shorn spring sheep.  Sis looks much younger than her age for now and Bud looks more his age and no longer looks like a tween with floppy Bieber hair.

Gommie got a well-deserved break (though, she spent it doing laundry and packing) while the kids played zombie attack in the yard for hours.

And so ends our last full day with Gommie.  Always bittersweet.

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