Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take the Time

Lisa Belkin of Motherlode has asked her readers for their three words of parenting advice. There are some great phrases in the comments--"I love you," "Let's try again," "Change always happens," "Teach mutual respect," "Encourage. Rinse. Repeat," "Don't eat that," "Five-second rule," "Lead by example," "Trust your instincts," "Ask your mother." And many more lists of qualities or skills--compassion, respect, consistency, calm, patient, flexible, accept, relax, enjoy, trust, breathe, listen. (HEY, check it out: my comment #70 was highlighted!!!)

After much thought and discussion with Mama, I think I like . . .

Take the time . . .

to breathe, sleep, eat, laugh, play.
for yourself when it gets to be too much.
to listen to them.
to listen to yourself.
to listen to your co-parent.
to give them choices.
to wait for their answer.
to put a note in their lunch. And your beloved's too.
to get out the door in the morning.
to make the cake from scratch.
to sit down for a meal together.
to read one more story.
to stay up late sometimes.
to put the computer down.
to watch when they call "Look!"
to answer "Why? "What?" "How?" "When?"
to explain "I don't know."
to try again.
to do it right.
to say "please" and "thank you," "I'm sorry," and "I love you."
to say yes. And to say no.
to show them how instead of doing it yourself.
to share something of yourself.
to let them share something of themselves.
to take time alone.
to give them time alone.
to be together.
to do what you like or want to do.
to do what you have to do.
to let them do their thing. But to help them do what they have to do, too.
to try something new.
to teach and to learn.
to enjoy and to remember.
to be.

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  1. YES!

    "Take the time" is very wise advice. Not always easy, but well worth the effort.