Thursday, May 12, 2011

Legos Make it All Better

There has been tension around the house, frustration perhaps, especially for Bud, who seems overwhelmed by everything. And so we were talking about it yesterday. He's sad that I can't play downstairs, sad that he can't be home with me instead of going to school. I told him I wasn't having fun without him, that in fact I was just home alone.

"But you have the cats," Sis pointed out.

"No, the cats are in their room for when Nanny comes and y'all get home."

They were both disturbed that I might be lonely.

So they've been bringing me toys to play with. Yesterday, it was one Lego mini-figure from Sis and Bud's stuffed penguin Tango, all dressed up. Today it's a fairy playland plus about 10 monster-ish Lego figures. It's all very sweet.

But I'm also glad they are still having fun and playing downstairs and not moping up here with me all day. Even if I miss them . . . .

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