Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Babysitters, Old and New

It's a week for babysitters here. Of course, we still have our nanny, who is as wonderful and well-liked now as she was at first.

Even better, tonight our beloved Babysitter, who has completed her first year of college, is home from school and coming for a visit. We might start having her come for a few hours on weekends, just to give Mama a little break.

Lastly, I have my own babysitter coming this weekend: Goo is going to watch me while Mama and the kiddos go on a little overnight (more on that after the fact). Even with my new bedrest-less state, a trip is too much to handle. And, because I'm not up to stairs, or bending, I needed someone to help out here--to feed me, feed the cats, etc etc. Just to make us all feel better about the weekend. And Goo (my BIL, for newcomers) has graciously agreed to come up. Should be fun, actually, we we both like food and haven't gotten much chance to hang out since he started grad school/med school (first, his MS and now his DO).

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