Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looth Tooth

We're on "tooth watch" over here, with Sis's lower front tooth wiggling practically back and forth in a full arc. She's excited, cautious with eating, fully informed about the whole thing (sometimes you swallow them without knowing; it won't hurt; there might be a bit of blood; the tooth fairy will come at night). Bud is distraught that she's going first and alternates between grumping and trying to force his own teeth to wiggle.

I understand it's often first in, first out, for baby teeth. And I can't recall for the life of me who got teeth first and which ones. It might be embedded in my journal somewhere, being a huge milestone at the time, but I don't recall it now. Sometimes, I really wish I had been blogging then . . . .

I'm betting money that the tooth comes out this weekend. But you never know. Still, her tooth fairy box is ready (she said I could make her a pillow--I had a tooth fairy pillow--for the next one). And so is she.

(Okay, I just checked the incomplete baby books--hey there's something to do in bed!--and Sis got that lower front tooth first, in January 2006. Bud got his in February. Wonder if he'll be a month behind again.)

UPDATE: 9:27 a.m. The tooth is out!!!! Sis just came running up here with the little thing in her hand, big smile on her face. And the new tooth is very visible, so it's not like a big gap. Extremely exciting. And Bud seems okay.

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