Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Big Thank You, Vol. 1

Instead of several separate posts, I want to write one big thank-you post (or a few big ones).

On Gifts For Grace
by Bernadette Mayer

I saw a great teapot I wanted to get you
this stupendous 100% cotton royal blue and black checked shirt,
There was a red and black striped one too
Then I saw these boots at a place called Chuckles
They laced up to about two inches above your ankles
All leather and in red, black or purple
It was hard to have no money today
I won't even speak about the possible flowers and kinds of lingerie
All linen and silk with not-yet-perfumed laces
Brilliant enough for any of the Graces
Full of luxury, grace notes, prosperousness and charm
But I can only praise you with this poem—
Its being is the same as the meaning of your name

  • to Gommie, for everything, and I don't just mean those three weeks;
  • to Mrs. S (aka Mrs. Cadbury), for watching the kids during that first doctor's appointment and for all your offers of assistance;
  • to Mama Teacher, for organizing meals, bringing a delicious meal, and your many visits;
  • to Miss K, for the surprise visit and meal--loved the ravioli and the strawberry pie;
  • to Miss J, for taking over Daisy Scouts under less than ideal circumstances and for the pasta and brownies;
  • to Mommy Goose, for the meal (yummy mac and cheese and cake!), the fun visit, and running that errand for me;
  • to Miss L, for the yummy pasta e fagioli and ice cream bars, plus the offer to visit;
  • to Miss D, for the veggie lasagna and brownies

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