Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poetry Jam: Love in Verse

My note to kids in their snack boxes yesterday:

"I love you
very, very, very
very, very, very

Their reply, to carry with me to hospital:

"Dear Mommy,

We love you. This is a poem for you.

All the way to Gommie's head to
Pop's head to
the Great Wall to
the Civil War
and back again.

All the way to
Paris France to
the Eiffel Tower to
the Pilgrim time to
the dinosaur time to
the mango trees to
Japan in ninja times to
Mystic Seaport to
the tallest tree in Africa to
the bunnies in Pop's cabin to
the penguins in the South Pole to
Santa Claus's toy shop to
the Indian times
And back again.

All the way to
the elephants to
Miss C's [Sis's teacher] house to
[school] to
a galaxy far, far away to
the time when Pop was a baby
(a long time ago) to
the Great Wall
and back again.

love, Bud and Sis"

My snack-box reply reply today:

"I love you
to Tatooine
to Dagobah
to Hoth
to Endor
to Naboo
to Coruscant
to Kaminoa
to Cloud City
and back again!"


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