Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Fun List

It's not quite cold yet and we haven't had any real snow, but I'm thinking of fun things to do in the next few months, from January through Spring Break.  So much of the fun activities happen during the summer or leading up to Christmas, but I've made a nice list for winter.  We won't do them all this year (especially with no snow), but it's good to aim high.

  1. Look for snowy owls
  2. Make snow ice cream
  3. Make snowpeople
  4. Make snow candy
  5. Make snow paintings
  6. Cooking night:  bouillabaise for Bud, maybe caramel sauce for Sis, cheesecake for me maybe.
  7. Girl Scout cookie sales
  8. Go on seal watch (March?)
  9. Go on eagle watch (March?)
  10. Explore bread recipes
  11. Do felting needle kits
  12. Paint wood initials
  13. Do craft kits in basement
  14. Do "proggy" animal kits
  15. Do kitchen science experiments
  16. Do a big puzzle
  17. Family game night
  18. Family ASL night
  19. Make soap
  20. Make candles
  21. Go sledding
  22. Make frozen bubbles
  23. Make balloon balls
  24. "Just Dance" dance off
  25. Groundhog Day party
  26. Chinese New Year celebration (week after Feb. 6)
  27. St. Patrick's Day soda bread
  28. Zentangle workshop (first week of April)
  29. Visit Providence
  30. Visit Colonial Williamsburg
  31. See the pandas at the National Zoo
  32. Plant bulbs
  33. Prune roses
  34. Go to hockey game
  35. Yarn!
  36. Learn a new dominoes game
  37. Winter walk on the beach
  38. Winter hike/nature walk
  39. Winter campfire
  40. See Legos at Stamford Nature Center
  41. Visit Star Wars costume exhibition?

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