Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thoughts and Prayers

Our dear sweet cat Mr. P has congestive heart failure and a blood clot.  It is touch and go now, with some hopes that the emergency vet can relieve the symptoms and stabilize him enough to come home and be with us awhile longer.  We've consented to palliative care and signed a DNR in the event that he deteriorates.  We don't want him to suffer and won't go to extreme measures to keep him with us.

Today was just normal.  He slept on our bed, between our pillows, all night, then was his normal self today, until Sis noticed him limping around 7 p.m.  I picked him up (which he didn't fight) and his whole right paw was cold and limp.  I knew it wasn't a sprain or break when he didn't object to my touching it.  I thought stroke so we went straight to the ER vet; Mama and Bud were at kung fu and joined us later.   We learned pretty quickly that it was congestive heart failure and a blood clot in his foot.

They have him on diuretics, in an oxygen tent for comfort.  Later, if possible, they'll tap his abdomen in a fairly non-invasive procedure to release the fluid.  If all goes well--and he doesn't develop another clot--we'll bring him home in 24-48 hours (probably the latter) and keep him comfy on meds; he might even stabilize for who knows how long.  Apparently, cats can live like this, happily but on meds, for awhile and through several episodes (though, apparently, they get harder to detect.)

But let's get through the night first.

Understandably, the kids are extremely upset.  So are Mama and I.  We love our boy.  We've given him a good home for the last 13 months.  We'd just like to have him as long as possible.

Purr on, Mr. P!

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