Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Chilly Walk

Snowy owls have been seen on our coastline. And so today, despite head colds (we figured it would either not affect our colds or make it worse--we're the same as we were, but we did dress for the 20F weather), Mama and I made our way down to the beach where a photographer snapped some great photos on Monday (the first publicly-documented sighting this year.)  We walked the rocky shoreline but didn't see any owls.  We spoke to a local photographer who hadn't seen any today either.  He said it's more about luck than anything else, especially with all the various spots the owls could go in our town and others nearby.  But we enjoyed the walk, having never been on this stretch of shore before, and even got a nice view of the lighthouse.   I made a donation, at the office, because no doubt I'll be back looking for those lovely owls.  Not for a photo--I just have my phone--but just to see a live one in the wild.

By the way, Pop, it is the place you and Gommie walked, just as you said it was.  It's open on weekdays during office hours but is otherwise off-limits.

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