Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Feeling Better

Ah, finally, 10 days on, I am feeling more like myself.  Still a bit drippy, but nothing like last week.

And Mama has gone back to work!   The kids are both in school . . . .

Which means this is the first "normal" day since before Dec. 23 or so.

I have lots of laundry, a swirling mental list of things to do/check in on.  In fact, I've made my daily list to remind me:

·      Stretches
·      Exercise
·      Household chores (litterboxes, laundry, shopping, straightening)
·      Piano

·      Meal planning
·      Hospice
·      Girl Scouts
·      Perry House
·      RE
·      Lay Ministry
·      Wildtree
·      Budget and Bills

As often as possible
·      Crochet
·      Doodle/Zentangle
·      Read
·      Blog
·      Cookbook
·      Photobooks

·      Birdwatching (mainly Snowy Owls)

Did you catch the new one?  See, I've taken on a new venture--I'm going to be a Wildtree rep.  Truth be told, I mainly want the recipes and product discount but think it will continue to spur me to more and better homecooking.  We've liked several of the meals and it does make cooking easier; the parties are fun.  At least it's also mostly organic, GMO-free, preservative free, frequently gluten-free, etc etc etc.  But don't worry, this won't become a WT blog. Well, except for some recipes.  I also doubt I'll be much of a salesperson, not liking to pressure people; in fact, I'm a bit nervous even to announce it.  I have some mild concerns about direct marketing like Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One Gifts, etc, but, barring the first and other cosmetics (like Avon, Arbonne, etc), have supported my friends when they've started home businesses (all but two--out of a dozen or more--that I know of having folded in the first year or so.)  Many of the schemes require monthly minimums or yearly fees so that women--and it is almost always women (SAHMs, at that, of course)--spend more of their own money than they ever make; I'm not, however, doing it to supplement our income, my goal being breaking even (there is no minimum fee.)  We'll see how it goes.

Which isn't much of a sales pitch, is it?

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